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Service Level Agreement


Our field IT experience has led us to better understand the needs and demands of our clients. We understand that those demands can become costly over time, and this is what causes some people to delay acquiring more reliable and secure services. We see it. We understand it. Our desire to deliver the best possible service to our clients is what paved the way for our personalized SLA contracts. Those of our clients that have been offered a SLA option have been grateful to utilize our exhaustive list of services, priority response time, and service reliability at a flat, monthly price. Our SLA's are truly the perfect solution for our clients as well as us because of the many shared benefits. Our valued clients receive discounts and extra benefits by bundling their services with us. The consistent, flat rate is great for their books, and Braxsim Technologies, in return, receives a set monthly payment that helps our books. With our SLA agreements, we offer many services including:

(1) A guaranteed bank of service calls per the contract term
(2) Monitored, off-site cloud and local backups
(3) Managed equipment including firewalls, switches, and wireless devices
(4) Network monitoring equipment (Internet, servers, firewalls, wireless access points, switches, copiers) that allow us to remain proactive during any disruption of services
(5) Managed Endpoint Protection for all your workstations and servers (virus and ransomware protection for desktop, email, websites, etc.)
(6) Managed Microsoft 365 email
(7) Priority Support
If you are interested in getting a quote for us to become your designated IT support team, let us know, and we will schedule a free site-survey to assess your equipment and meet with you about your growing IT needs

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