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Trent is not afraid of the more expansive and encompassing projects that come his way. In recent years, he designed and implemented a network that stretched from California to North Carolina  then broadcasted it overseas to the United Kingdom.

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Trent Hartsfield


 With almost 30 years of enterprise level network experience, our president has the knowledge it takes to keep your business' network secure and reliable.

Blake is the team chaplain. He sets up the networks and then prays over them for complete protection.

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Blake Temple

Network Engineer

Brandon has 10 years working experience with military network intelligence


Brandon Miller

Network Engineer

Recently promoted Chief Therapy Officer, Bruce Wayne, provides technical assistance as needed. His skillset includes: designing "spreadtreats" and "doguments." 

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Bruce Wayne

Office Dog

Chief Therapy Officer

Recently promoted Chief Therapy Officer, Bruce Wayne, provides support as needed. His experience includes preparing various types of "doguments" as well as "spreadtreats."

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