Wireless Solutions


Braxsim Technologies will help design and implement your wireless network, allowing you to safely share your Internet connection, files, printers, and any network resource.


BUSINESS ACCESS POINTS.  Braxsim Technologies uses high-performance business-class Access Points providing wireless connectivity in hotels, resorts, churches, schools, restaurants, universities, offices, and homes.  With our dual band wireless products, companies can now offer employees, guests, staff, or students more expanded options for transferring large files within the network or when using other bandwidth intensive applications like streaming HD video. A single business, high-powered access point will be able to penetrate 3 floors!


PROFESSIONAL WIRELESS BRIDGES beam the internet up to 8 miles! Our wireless bridges can be used in commercial, residential, or industrial sites to extend your network! Braxsim installs the unobtrusive bridges to the exterior of your business to create one seamless network. Imagine only paying for a single Internet service for multiple sites.


HOME NETWORKING.  Braxsim Technologies offers reliable high-speed Wireless Routers, Media Bridges, Switches, and Adapters designed to keep up with the demands of your media streaming household.  Our routers provide advanced features and options for your home network or small office, including Wireless N, Dual Band, High Power, feature-rich firmware, and high gain antennas. We also implement wireless media solutions to your home entertainment system.