Network Monitoring

Businesses now rely on the Internet for their company to work, period. Not only do businesses rely on the Internet, but also email, servers, backups, phone systems, surveillance systems, enough storage, and many other systems to allow their business to function.  Do you have the time to know that all systems are running properly?  When outages occur, wouldn't you like to be proactive instead of reactive? That's where we can help.  Braxsim Technologies will monitor your entire system including Internet connectivity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to know when critical systems stop responding.  When they stop, we immediately  know about the emergency--most likely before you do.  Next, we provide support: we will alert your company, remotely fix the issue, or be at your business before you lose productivity.  Additionally, if needed, we will handle all the calls to your Inernet provider.  Braxsim Technologies will give you the peace of mind knowing your business systems, including Internet service, are constantly being monitored and running smoothly.


Knowing when your systems break is good.
Knowing before they break is much better