Malware Removal and Computer Optimization

Malware Removal


There is so much enjoyable content on the Internet, yet there are tons of infections and malware that you could acquire as you surf along. Some, like Adware that produces popups are simply bothersome. Others like Trojan Viruses and Rootkits can in fact enter and affect critical system files. Regardless the infection our virus removal service will eliminate the issue.

Braxsim Technologies removes every kind of infection. Computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware, rootkits, ransomware, and other various forms of infections. In addition to using the latest, up-to-date anti-malware scanning software, we at Braxsim Technologies utilize several other advanced tools and methods we have developed  to perform manual cleanups to exterminate deeper infections that may not surface when only running scans.

Virus removal is one of the most common computer repair services we perform. We are very well adept at removing viruses and other infections. We go above and beyond to remove ALL viruses and other malicious files - not just the ones that were causing the problems you knew about. After ensuring that your computer is virus-free, we then proceed to optimize your computer, followed by installing the latest antivirus software to keep you protected from viruses and other infections in the future.


Computer Optimization


Your computer is like a fine automobile-it needs preventive maintenance to run efficiently and avoid major breakdowns. Most people think they need new computers, when in fact they simply need an optimization.  Over time, computers get slower for a variety of reasons: files become disorganized, unnecessary software consumes resources, temporary files litter your computer, the registry becomes cluttered and erroneous or too many programs automatically run at startup. At Braxsim Technologies, we do what no software can - we utilize a proprietary blend of specialized tools to optimize your specific computer and selectively disable unnecessary programs from running in the background.  With Braxsim’s complete optimization, you will experience faster boot times, have more free space on your hard drive, reduced resource consumption, and improved performance.  Furthermore, with all optimizations from Braxsim, we will always check the health of your hardware (hard drives, power supplies, motherboard inspections, memory, and processor) that may be causing your computer to perform inadaquately.